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Embarking on the journey of uprooting yourself and your loved ones to start anew in a different country can be an overwhelmingly intimidating step, especially when you lack the support of a professional. The challenges seem monumental, the path uncertain. Yet, take heart, for even amidst the uncertainty, 36 South Immigration stands ready to be your steadfast guide, transforming the eminently daunting into the entirely achievable.

In the vast sea of information out there, some verified but most is dubious, it’s easy to feel lost and overwhelmed. This transition, a profound life change, is a mosaic of intricacies. The move is not just a change of scenery; it’s a tapestry of interdependent tasks and milestones. This is precisely where the Immigration Team shines – by crafting a meticulously tailored plan based on your unique needs and circumstances, whether you’re relocating for work, retirement, studying, holiday, investing or wanting to grow a business. Our role extends beyond mere guidance; we’re here to shepherd your progress, continuously fine-tuning the plan as your journey unfolds.

Remarkably, our support comes at a fraction of the cost charged by traditional Emigration Assistance firms, and with none of the concealed financial agendas that sometimes cloud their intentions.

Furthermore, we collaborate exclusively with proven and meticulously vetted partners

We have successfully assisted foreigners with their visas and residency from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, UK, South Africa, Africa, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Paraguay, China, Australia and more.

Your arrival in your new country marks not the culmination, but the commencement of your expedition. A myriad of intricately sequenced tasks beckon, each vital for your legal adherence and lasting comfort.

Let us guide you through these uncharted waters. Choose 36 South Immigration as your ally in this transformative odyssey.

About 36° South Immigration

15+ Years of Experience
helping to make dreams a reality

With over 15 years’ combined experience, our mission is to provide exceptional service, multiple products, and custom designed guidance at a more pocket friendly rate to enable all clients qualifying for immigration to get the ball rolling.

We are a Team with multiple service providers to make your transition as smooth as possible. Anything from Immigration, Recruitment, Registrations, vehicle finance & arrangements, tax specialists, Forex guidance, investment analysts, language supporters, housing, business analysts and more.


36 South Immigration’s vision is to help families and individuals to create a safe, fulfilling, peaceful and exceptional life for themselves in one of the most popular countries in the world. Our goal is to help you grow with us, share experiences with us and join our ever-growing family of expats.


Our values are to stay humble and do our best to help and support our clients through the good times and the tough times. We want to keep the process as simple and straightforward as possible. We pride ourselves on always treating every single client as a family member. Let us help you, and before you know it, we will have you safely at your chosen destination!

Proudly South African

36 South Immigration is a proudly owned South African company, with colleagues and partners in New Zealand. Our location helps us to assist families from all over the world in comfortable time zones. As individuals who live, experience, and understand the everyday trials and tribulations faced by both families and individuals, whilst living in a third world country and who have the experience of helping clients through the emigration process, we are perfectly suited to assist our families to build new lives when immigrating to New Zealand.

Green List Candidates


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Skilled Migrants


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Our Services

Visa Application
And Recruitment

Visitor Visa

Visas are used for multiple purposes

Did you know that 51% of visitor visas are declined every year by NZ? It is always important to have a professional that will assist with these applications. You always need to ensure that you have a reason to return to your home country when you visit New Zealand. This is where we come in. We can apply for them when you are planning to visit family, friends or grandchildren, going for interviews, need to attend a business meeting, sports events, cultural events or Honeymoon in New Zealand.

Accredited Employer Work Visa

Accredited work visa/work to residency visa/working holiday visa

These are the most difficult visas at the moment and require a very detailed plan to make sure all the requirements are met and fall into place. This includes the right type of job offer, market research, job token and skill level. 36 South Immigration will make sure you qualify under regulations and apply for all the visas on your behalf. We also assist with partner and student visas for dependants.

Student Visa

High quality internatinal education

New Zealand is home to eight universities of the highest quality. All are ranked in the top 3% (600) universities in the world. New Zealand graduates enjoy some of the best graduate outcomes in the world – with high completion and employment rates. 14% (26,040) of students in these Universities are international students.

The intricacy of having to apply for a student visa can be very overwhelming. Having to meet all the requirements and qualifying are a must to be able to apply. 36 South Immigration will assist you with all the information you need and will take the burden and stress of the application into their own hands.

Residency Visa

The pathway to residency

Residency is your first goal. This could be achieved under numerous options, and it is very important that you understand your pathway towards Residency. 36 South Immigration will discuss your options with you once completing an assessment form. We are also there to map out options and shift gears should the system change. Your success is our success!


Visa Application Services

We specialise in CV & Cover letter revamping. Our packages include editing your CV and Cover letters according to the New Zealand layout. This will ensure that your CV meets the market requirements and will ensure better results from applications. The new craze in New Zealand is also a Video CV which we will create for you. Our guidance, tips and support booklets will guide you through interview preparation and strengthen your skills where needed. The network of recruiters we have built relationships within New Zealand are free and will also be there to help secure interviews and job offers.

36 South Immigration has partnered up with multiple service providers in New Zealand to make your transition as smooth as possible. Anything from vehicle finance, tax specialists, money transfers, recruiters and accountants.

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